Meet Dan Valcazar


Meet Dan

For 27 years, Dan has been buying, selling, and building homes for clients. Dan obtained his real estate license in 2001 and Broker’s license in 2005.

Raised in San Jose, Dan skipped his senior year from Westmont High and started junior college at the ripe old age of 16. Dan graduated from San Jose State University (while working full time) with a bachelor’s degree in Marine Biology and a minor in Chemistry. Now, it was time to plan for a Master’s degree and a new job.

But, during that summer, Dan saw an add in the newspaper. The San Jose Police Dept. was hiring! Since his two favorite sports were wrestling and Martial Arts (Black Belt Tae Kwon Do), Dan thought becoming a Police Officer would be a fun, interesting, and rewarding new career. Dan always found himself protecting the underdog so removing predators from victimizing citizens seemed like a good fit. It was.

After a 15 year tour of duty with the San Jose Police Department, Dan was on the Lieutenant's promotional list and served as acting Lt. But, opportunity came knocking. 

Dan retired his badge (#2376), and took on the new challenge of private business. Dan, along with other new team members, set out to take his childhood friends’ private company, Advantage homes, public. The company increased it’s footprint from 3 offices to 26, offices stretched from Santa Rosa to San Diego, and the rest was business success history.

In 2006, after 8 years of corporate management, Dan and his friend's decided to go private again. Dan became a partner owner with Alliance Manufactured Homes. It became a quick success. After 12 years in the business, Dan felt that urge for a change.

In 2010, Dan joined Customer Service Real Estate Services as a broker associate. Dan had considered starting his own real estate brokerage but was encouraged by friends to work for a company during such difficult economic times. “I just wanted the challenge of making it in residential real estate when the economy was so difficult”. It’s going on 10 years of residential real estate success! In addition, the business has grown into commercial sales and leasing, land sales, and property management services.

Dan's belief is that self improvement leads to improvement of those around you. Dan has served his community as a trainer of new police officers, sales agents, Martial Arts instructor, soccer coach, men's club treasurer for the private schools of his children, youth group leader, confirmation class teacher, finance committee member for his church, HOA President for his 677 residential home community, Law enforcement social club board member, etc. 

Dan has been married for 35 years and is very proud of his son (Bellarmine college prep grad/USD Bachelor's, USD Master’s Degree, Santa Clara University Master’s Degree), daughter in Law (USD Bachelor's/USD Master’s Degree), and daughter (Presentation high grad/St. Mary's College Moraga Bachelor’s Degree). 

Dan has a wide range of real estate related knowledge and human resources to ensure the best service for your real estate needs. Dan is at your service.